Warm words about Dr. Nicholas

I share these quotes, not to impress you, but to give you an idea of the scope of my work. If so many others have worked with me and had their lives changed so powerfully, it will be easier for you to accept that it can happen for you as well.

The core of my work is Love. It is the single most powerful force in this universe, the glue that holds the rest of it together, and the one piece that gives all the rest value. Without it, we are not alive. We have simply fallen asleep in life’s waiting room and are dreaming out the rest of our stay here. With Love, we start to Wake. We finally begin to truly live.

I have helped many others come to know this truth and I can and would like to help you do the same. Here is some of what the others have said to me.

Some of the many quotes

I can’t begin to tell you how you’ve turned my life around.

Meeting you was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

I think companies should line up to get your precious collaboration.

I would have died if you hadn’t stepped in. Now, for the first time, I’m alive and truly happy. Thank you.

Maybe that is what most people think living is. They have these superficial interactions with everybody, and then somebody like you comes along and connects with them on a much deeper level in just a few moments, and they feel a fullness where there was emptiness before.

You’ve taught me more about myself in a few weeks than I have discovered in years.

You have a remarkable gift for making people's dreams come true.

I can not thank you enough my dear man for reaching out to me. You are of the same
heart in a different body....

I wanted to let you know that I never forgot you. I don't think I ever will forget you. You are an amazing person, and I'm glad that I was able to meet you. You have done so very much for me, though I doubt you know just how much. You are truly one of the few special people that a person like me gets to meet, and in my short lived, confused life,

I'm not a Christian; I’m Hindu. Before today I did not have much of a feeling for Jesus or the Christian religion. All that has changed. Talking with you, I feel like I’ve met Jesus today.

Hola mi amigo y maestro, ayer tuve un dia exelente, gracias a usted... Y gracias a usted, tambien hable con mi madre y tuve una conversacion muy agradable creo que fue la primera vez que me da un consejo y que la escucho, estoy muy feliz pense que esto nunca sucederia. te amo y te envio mucha luz

you are an amazing person with incredible inner strength. how you manage to turn your suffering and negative events into a positive lesson with such acceptance is humbling.

Ti voglio bene mio caro saggio e pazzo amico!

You have an incredibly important job to do. The world needs you! And I will be praying for you ever single day for the rest of my life.

"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." -- Japanese proverb …I'm grateful to have spent many days with you, Nicholas. :-)

You were the first person to introduce me to the concept of a deeper sensitivity to others. Your powers of observation and listening skills left me in perpetual awe. You showed compassion and caring to those around you, be they friend, acquaintance or stranger

I would not have survived as intact as I did had you not been there for me. I may not have survived period

Regardless of the involvements of your own life, you have been faithful and supportive with a constancy that has no equal.

I just wish I had bestowed upon you a fraction of the gift you showed me. I can start giving again now- energized, nourished, and cleansed (all that the silly purification regimens I've been observing for almost two months now could not achieve…Thank you,

How many people love you. I love you. ...and ...love you. People you meet in cafes fall in love with you and don't forget you. Strangers that meet you fall in love with you… How Beautiful You Are. How Much You Give of Yourself. How Much You Help People. How Much You Have to Give. How Wonderful You Are. How You Cut Through My Defenses (which is no small task!).

Hello my most endearing Wizard!!! It’s only been a week and a couple of your prophecies have already come true, ...I thank you deeply for your wisdom at my time of need.

I appear to be developing your ability to ask tough questions...I’ve gotten so much better at poking my own spots of discomfort (and maximum learning) my friends are finding this a bit disconcerting. Missing you. Quel suprise.

Because of what you’ve taught me, I don't just read people, in the time I spend with them I go through everything they are going through. It's a lot of processing. It hurts, but thanks to you for the first time I feel strong. mahalo :)

I was in Jerusalem a couple of days when you were there. I'm going home to Norway... Before I go, I just wanted to say to you: You have the awareness that make you ready for hearing the voice of God

I surely hope you enjoyed meeting me half so much as I enjoyed meeting you. For a brief moment I found that part of me again that still felt the heart of life beating through humanity. No one has ever even tried to see me the way you did today. In all honesty I think the fates chose you to be the entire reason I went to Italy

I am glad we connected ...I will always remember your gentleness and smile.

I just got home. I'm really exhausted, jet lagged, but I wanted to let you know that I was really happy to receive your message, and that meeting you was one of the greatest gift I received during my last stay in Italy. Thank you so much for all you've given me. A big hug and lots of peace

you have touched people, and it spirals up and out... they all remember you, love, and with love, the river that flows through you grows with joy...

Nicolas, You are a beautiful spirit

I have talked about you to everyone that wants to hear since I have returned. … A friend that I was talking to on the phone said she felt a lot of love. What can I say, I feel your presence around me. I look back and wonder if I dreamt (sp) dreamed (sp) you up? But I know what is in my heart and that is real.

Remember this, if nothing else: I love you, dearly, …I consider you as much a part of my family, if not more, than my blood relations. I miss you so much, and if I seemed whole to you, it was only because you had returned to me for a brief visit. I always feel more whole when you're around me, love, you'll always be a part of me, no matter how far you travel, or how long you're gone. I love you,

Estaba en esperanza que tu me llamaria. Muchas Gracias para la llamada, la duracion del tiempo, y los sentimientos increibles.

Nico mou, agape mou, efcharisto, tis anesti sou, kai esena anoixh cardiasas, grammatica discolo, katalava efcolo, kyrie eleison, gianni Roumi Nous Kai : ginomai, symfono, apanto, kleio.. om :)

And so, my sweet traveling friend, you're off to Brazil soon? I, as always, love you. I always have, and I always will. Time, distance and circumstance have never changed that. But I like to think that you knew that already. While I may miss your presence, the joy at having you near me, I carry you in my heart, in my spirit, and I know that I can always reach out and "feel" you.

I am delighted to have you as a friend. I also don't remember much about working with you, except the hugs. I'll always remember the "hug feeling", which was exquisite.

Wherever you are I hope there is somebody special who kisses you and softly whispers in your ear for all the distant people who love you.

...I have to give you a satisfaction : really You have helped me, I cannot know if you have helped a lots of people as you told me but I'm sure I've foundagain that force I knew I have in myself: I know I cannot be satisfied with what I have in this moment I need more, I already knew it ,but to stay with somebody who is already so richer than me had revived in me the desire to discover until where I can arrive. . . maybe I'll exceed you a day ! with love a great kiss... PS I'm sorry for my school English and the mistakes

and despite this, despite pain, and chaos, and confusion, every so often I look out and up.......and across a table of people talking, a pair of blue eyes -- the eyes I never dared look into before this year -- meet mine, and I can see the hidden smile, and the wonder that matches mine...and on the street, a man with eyes like yours, sad, down-tilted, but with joy at the core, walks towards me and smiles, and mouths the word "family,"
as we pass each other....peace, my brother, my self

I respect and revere you more than anyone else on this planet. You are truly the most beautiful person I have ever met. I cherish everything we’ve shared and love you through both you’re and my own future plans and expectations. What I mean is that apart from everything, I love and deeply respect you. Thanks for everything you have taught me and all we have shared.

Everybody loves Nicholas - so, they'll find you when there is a need :)

There are so many people who love you in the states…

You are a kindred spirit! You have beautiful energy and I know you will be a sought-after healer. I love hearing from you. Much love and luck to you

Dear Nicholas, Yes, I have found peace, beauty, simplicity, some light and truths. …ever since I met you…

Thanks for your thoughts on ... :) With all due respect brother, master shmaster. I'm not a master, I don't even know how my car works, You, on the other hand, have experienced the world and have vast cultural knowledge and intuition and the ability to use what you've learned.

You're a rare being, and even though I haven't known you long or talked to you much, I'm honored to call you a friend.

My heart is growing ; have you more secrets for me ? love and peace brother Nik.

Amazing - the wonderful energy coming through your words.

that email is a true act of grace on you're part and i deeply thank you for it. You are amazing.

I believe you are right on the nose here. Nicholas, thank you SO much for your response to me

I'm slowly changing into this person that I like a lot more, and a lot of it is thanks to you, … Thanks again for everything, you say you’re not a teacher but I still don't believe it, You've taught me more about myself in a few weeks time than I have collected in years, thanks again.

You feel other people’s pain, physical, emotional, and otherwise. You can be walking down the street and pass someone who is having a terrible day. They won’t understand it, but suddenly they’ll be having a great day. They go through the rest of the day more peaceful and happy than they have been in a long time. Why? Because you take it and heal them. [the head of the BPI-MV]

Nicholas, three years ago you told me to be cautious because you felt that was snooping around in my things. It’s three years later. I just found he had hand-copied everything I wrote in my journal at that time. I should have listened to you.

thanks for the loving support. I am very grateful to have found you...

I was talking about you yesterday. My coworker, ... talks about how cheap he is. He keeps pennies in his wallet. I brought you up, and I called you the bringer of joy (as I have in the past). I cited the example of you throwing pennies across the parking lot,
and unsuspecting folks walk out and find these pennies and have that brief moment of joy and good luck :).

Thanks, Nik! your words are very much appreciated. I am going through a tough time at work, devoting too much time to the wrong things and worrying over a promised promotion that has not happened yet. There is so much truth to what you interpreted about past loss and grief! I never really think of myself as logical, but really am deep down. I shall cherish your words and use them to learn and grow.

Thanks Nicholas. You were right, lately things have been strange. Now we are just sitting and feeling everything. It's coming a lot quicker now that we have some insight. thank you for helping us understand.

Dear Nikola, It has been about six months since I last saw you in Jerusalem. You were a great encouragement to me and you helped me open my mind and not be too narrow in my thinking.

You have explored different countries and are rich in experiences and knowledge.

Thank you always for your insights...they are not only always helpful, but subconsciously sought after. you give good talk, Nicolas, and I would love nothing more than to …pick your brain. *big hug*

if you were to move away tomorrow and we’d never cross paths again, I would be grateful to have known you. Thanks to you I live a much deeper and more meaningful life not only because of the things you have shown me, but also because of the person you are and the life you lead. You have shown me the power within myself, the force to sustain, question and live a life of integrity and truth. As I’ve said before: you are nothing short of amazing.

thanks for the loving support. I am very grateful to have found you...

I truly appreciate the time we spent together -- brief as it was. I thank you for being there and holding up some type of mirror. I appreciate your sensitivity ...

Thank you all for your unending support and love during my crisis.

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I will remember your kind words .... May God bless you for having taken the time out for writing to me. Thanks.

nothing really surprises me from you any more, love. you do, you are... what you do and what you are, and you have the potential to do anything and everything.

Just wanted to send a quick hello to say I love you. Was thinking about quirkiness and being true to self, and you popped into my mind, and I felt this incredible love. No special reason - just because.

Hello, little prince the news about the unusual things you do, places you go to don't surprise me anymore so much as they did but they always make me very happy! The words of your last message are smooth and flowing like a river. I am envious of all the visitors and people who can speak with you and "touch" the enthusiasm driving your life. Anyway I'll touch it again myself, sure. One rebirth sign: I've begun painting and writing again. You know, for the first time my drawings have let me think that soon I'll be able to paint something really beautiful . My colors have never been so bright and intense, neither so painful and sweet. As for the little poems I write it's just the same. With love,

oh man, I have been thinking about you a >lotlot
I feel as though I am gradually emerging from one of those sleeps --I actually feel your energy via your e-mail and thank you for the sharing. Thinking of you brings a smile and warm blessings

I feel much more free …I feel very tired, but much more relaxed open and free. I also forgave myself for the way i have been acting. …I am starting to experience the liberated feeling that comes from such forgiveness. …I am finding it much easier to love myself now. there are less blocks

You now see things, hear things, feel things, and know things that seem to be beyond your understanding. You feel as though there must be a Master out there.....somewhere. True, there are those whom know more of the bits and pieces here and there about what it is that you and so many others are experiencing, but there as yet remains one who has all those answers that you seek. You say you are seeking yet there is so much you already know! This is not a standardized answer that I give to anyone. You are a Master who has not yet self realized. I have not said this about anyone, but I have read your energy and it is there. This is part of what you are here for. You are here to understand the process n order to understand how to bring others up to that point you are reaching.