Everything of value in one's life comes directly from, or is deeply infused by, the heart. By one's ability to love and one's willingness to surrender and be loved.

The only things of value in your life come directly and simply from that - or are so deeply infused by that, that they might as well not exist at all without it.

It is the expression of that love, and of that willingness to be loved, that allows the primitive parts of you, the parts that would otherwise not get it, to understand.

Angel, 2014-08-28

Pink is a colour for the emotionally young, and represents the energies of falling in love. It's not just being in love - it's this little girl's dream of a knight in shining armour coming to sweep them off their feet and carry them away to wonderland. Pink is that kind of energy. Being in love is a heart-connected thing, and pink represents the desire to fall into that and experience that.

What you've got is billions of people out there who are waking up and realising they're children and starting to experience life as children. It's what they need. And they're starting to sense the heart energy everywhere, and they want to move into it, to feel it. They are all seeking the in-love experience. You have a world full of people who are looking to fall in love - whether or not they realise it. So one would expect huge numbers of people to be wearing pink right about now. Not just children - adults, men and women, old and young, lots of people wearing pink.

Angel, 2014-08-31