Who: We would like to see 100,000 people working together in this project to change the world.

When: Focus with us on healing the world on the 2nd and the 22nd of each month. Ideally around noon local time, though any time during the day you can manage 5-10 minutes will work. We will continue until December 22, 2012.

Where: Your location doesn’t matter. The energy will connect us all, no matter where we are.

What, the first time: Sit down and create a list of what you feel the ideal world would be like. Put lots of emotion, enthusiasm and detail into your description. If you would like some suggestions, check out our ideas. If you want to send your suggestions to us, we may be able to add them to our list for others to see. You only need to create this list the first time. Every other time you do this exercise, you can use the same list. Change it, of course, whenever it feels right to do so.

What, ongoing: Sit down some place where you won’t be disturbed. Read through the things on your list. Once you have them in mind, close your eyes. Spend the next few minutes imagining a world where these things are true. You don’t have to create them. You don’t have to DO anything. Just imagine them as already finished. Imagine the world perfect. Hold this image or feeling of a perfect world in your heart and mind for a few moments. Then express deep and heart-felt thankfulness… and stop. Let it go until next time. It’s that easy.

If you have questions or comments, please visit the Act Always In Love forum. or send us a note.